First AA Sesion

Yes, I have an addiction and it is called FASHION.

I think I was born addicted, and this addiction grew with time. Although I am not or was very wealthy and my budget was always limited, I managed to purchase clothes or accessories that helped me build a style of mine. For sure it is not an outstanding one but all those compliments received with time and all the advice I have offered got me thinking…

Ah! And I work in fashion. Does that count?

Let me guide you through my beginnings. I am a small town girl, Focsani to be more specific. There life is simpler, and life was definitely simpler in early 2000’s. Not so many apparel stores and lots of junk. I remember how much crap I had in my closet, oh God! We did had the funniest habits, like buying a lot of pairs of jeans, ugly shoes from LEONARDO and planning our clubbing outfits with 6 days before, taking care of matching our earings with our multicolored plastic pearls, belt, shoes and bag in our every outfit. It was hilarious I will definitely search some of those looks to laugh a little.

Thank God, things evolved, internet grew and fashion industry boomed in Romania. But besides this I had the greatest gift of having an amazing mother that worked in this field and thought me soooo much. From being her assistant once in a while to literally working in a textile factory, it’s good this got me to a more interesting job at MURMUR.

My sense of style had definitely evolved and I had developed my own way of picking up the things I have in my closet. I start being very practical, like owning items that are essential and I chose them to be long-lasting items, in terms of trends, fabrics and cuts. Also, very important, I always chose what fits me best and always wear things that make me feel ME. Besides the practical stuff I am very brand oriented, here is a psychological thing, I am a marketer and I am more likely to be impressed by brands that draw me to their story, their identity, belief, imagery, etc, however, I chose brand items that are statement and trend less. All of these mixed it up in the aesthetics I follow, a bit clean, a bit sexy, a bit rock, a bit classy, a bit fashion, a bit feminine, a bit cool and always relaxed.

I love to wear the things I posses as much as I can, I don’t like to waste and I think all this fast fashion market just degrade the real meaning of it, that FASHION IS A WAY OF EXPRESSING YOURSELF.

So, here is where I will express myself through clothing, maybe my addiction will be more under control.




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